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Reykjavic, Iceland with Mike

Reykjavic, Iceland with Mike I visited Iceland back in September to play a game of American Football against Iceland’s only American Football team, the Reykjavic Einherjar. Considering they only have a population of 350,000 across the entire island, I was impressed to learn they had a team at all! My...


Help! We Need A Honeymoon Destination

Help! We Need A Honeymoon Destination by Nia and Mike We have a quandry. A QUANDRY, I tell you! Mike and I are getting married later this year and are still trying to decide on a honeymoon location (yes we know we don’t have long to choose) – we’ve narrowed...

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Lower Austria, Rax Mountain with Kerstin

Lower Austria – Rax Mountain by Kerstin I grew up in a tiny village at the foot of the Rax, one of the most beautiful mountains in Austria, about 95 km south of Vienna. So, if you are planning to visit Vienna you may want to take the opportunity of...