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Nia and Mike Honeymoon in Berlin

Nia and Mike Honeymoon in Berlin After the feedback from our first post about Honeymoon destinations, we decided to visit Berlin and its Christmas markets. We chose a fancy hotel in the city in the middle of the action and booked our flights, leaving the from Liverpool on the 13th of December and flying home on the 15th. It was only a short visit but...

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Reykjavic, Iceland with Mike

Reykjavic, Iceland with Mike I visited Iceland back in September to play a game of American Football against Iceland’s only American Football team, the Reykjavic Einherjar. Considering they only have a population of 350,000 across the entire island, I was impressed to learn they had a team at all! My first impressions of the country when we (the Ouse Valley Exiles, players picked from teams...