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Clive Flies High Microlighting

CLIVE FLIES HIGH A return microlight flight from Mid-Sussex to the Isle of Wight   Background My former school friend Bill has recently retired from a career in aircraft engineering. Whilst working for manufacturers and airlines he maintained an interest in amateur flight through gliding and flying microlight aeroplanes. His current aircraft is a Skyranger Nynja which he built himself. For some time we have...

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Clive Explores Bletchley Park

Clive Explores Bletchley Park On a trip to Buckinghamshire earlier in the year, I suddenly realised we were staying about fifteen miles from Bletchley Park. I had a vague idea of its wartime history so we decided to go for an impromptu visit. Our Visit The entrance was manned by a uniformed official and it appeared we were approaching a sensitive site. I suggested to...