Meet the Team

Meet the Team



Hi, and welcome to Whispering Wanders. I’m Stacey, 39 years old married mother of three boys (well two boys and one grown up son, aged 20), from Manchester (UK). I decided to start Whispering Wanders after running a successful, but very different blog called Whispering Stories, (book blog), for a number of years, alongside a dedicated team of reviewers.

As a team, we all had a passion for the great outdoors, holidaying, and spending time visiting attractions. This led me to start this new, and hopefully enjoyable, plus informative site.

I have travelled over the years to some wonderful places, both abroad and in the UK with my family, although my eldest is now apparently too old, or cool, to join his family on their travels, so it’s now just the four of us.

X and K

We’re not really a very beachy family. Yes, we like to visit and stay in seaside resorts, but we don’t go on holiday to relax on the beach, we like to travel around and learn about different cultures, check out the local scenery, and find out what these places have to offer.

When starting this blog, I didn’t do it with the intention of just being another travel blog, I did because there are so many wonderful things to do out there, not just holidays, but places you can visit for the day, such as zoos, museums, attractions, etc. There are also some amazing places around the world to get at one with nature, leave your troubles behind, and just go for a long and invigorating walk.

Like I said, I really hope that we can find you something interesting and fun to do, and that you enjoy our posts and photos. I look forward to hearing from you.




Hello – I’m Julie and you may recognise me as a reviewer from Whispering Stories. Another of my passions is walking and I regularly spend time in Cumbria as well as other parts of this beautiful island.

During my meanders, I attempt to capture a shot or two on my phone, having never mastered the art of using a complicated camera. I have a couple of social media accounts and perk up my posts with pictures.

I was delighted to be asked to become a contributor to Whispering Wanders and look forward to sharing my journeys or jaunts; both alliterate nicely with Julie! You can also find me at:



Big C walking

Hello, I am Clive and I am delighted to be contributing towards this new travel blog. My birth certificate suggests that have reached retirement age but I am physically as fit as ever and in my head I am still a teenager, albeit with a little more knowledge and experience than I had back then.

Most days I will run or cycle for exercise but my real love is walking both locally in Sussex, and on holidays across the UK; generally in the West Country, Wales and The Lake District.

In 2016 I was lucky enough to spend six months walking the Cumbrian Fells which I wrote about at: Clive’s Cumbrian Chronicles

As a volunteer ranger I work restoring some of the many footpaths across West Sussex and I hope to feature some walks that include those paths.
Ideally this will become a two way conversation, and I look forward to your feedback and suggestions.




I grew up in a tiny village in Lower Austria surrounded by mountains. One should think I started hiking the day I started walking, instead it was anything but. I found my love for the mountains only about seven years ago, thanks to my man. ☺ Now I can’t imagine a life without the joys of hiking.

When Stacey asked me to join the team of bloggers for Whispering Wanders, I was immediately into the idea of writing about our trips to the mountains as well as about travelling in Austria, Europe and Canada. Honestly, I can’t wait to start.

Besides being a mountain lover, I do a bit of running, mountain biking, and I am learning to climb as well. Of course I am a book junkie – that’s how I got on the team of Stacey’s book bloggers in the first place.

I love watching great movies, theatres and writing for my own blog where I write about some of my trips too, and my thoughts concerning today’s society and where the human kind might be heading.

I hope you are going to enjoy my posts and maybe I’ll turn you into a mountain lover too. 😉 Would be my pleasure!




Hi, my name is Igben O. Theophila from Delta State, Nigeria. I am a graduate of International Studies and Diplomacy from the University of Benin, Benin City, Nigeria. I am currently serving in Imo State, Nigeria under the National Youth Service Corps(My country’s compulsory one year Service for graduates).

I love adventures and writing is one of my passions. I also love to read and learn new things. I look forward to taking you on some of my adventures through Whispering Wanders blog.

Nia and Mike are currently engaged and live in sunny(ish) North Wales.

Mike and Nia

Nia: I’m an avid reader and eternally grateful that Kindles exist so Mike never knows exactly how many books I have in my handbag whenever we leave the house. I’m well travelled within the confines of the UK, but my international travels only feature Marmaris (Turkey), Strasbourg (France) and Bavaro (the Dominican Republic) so far. Mike has introduced me to the magic of international travel so I expect to see a lot more of the world in the future!

I’m more of a nature lover than city dweller, so my favourite holiday so far has been a sinfully luxurious beach holiday in the Dominican Republic. I’m looking forward to visiting Canada in the future though, as my ambitions include meeting a moose and attending an ice hockey game.

Mike: I’m a plane nut, I like that you can get onto a white tube and end up somewhere else in the world where the people, cars, money and buildings are completely different to where you started out.

My favourite holiday as a child had us all piling into the car and towing the caravan across country from Cheshire, down to the harbour at the port of Plymouth, over on the ferry to Brittany and down to Poitiers then to Azure, near Santander where we would get the ferry back. The journey was the best part of the holiday, I didn’t even start flying until I was in my 20s.

I have visited Zante (Greece), Florida (US), Majorca, Bulgaria, Canada, Tenerife, France and all over the UK. I will be travelling to Reykjavik later this year to play American Football against the Reykjavik Einjerhar, before Nia and I choose a honeymoon destination as our next holiday.


Hi, I’m Jodie, a book reviewer from Whispering Stories. As well as reading, I also love to explore new places and experience new things.

The furthest afield I’ve been is Hong Kong and Thailand. It was 2013 and although I’d been abroad before, I’d not really ventured beyond Europe. It was an eye opener of a trip for me and my partner, Tom. On the whole, it was a great experience. If you ever go to Thailand and end up on the night train from Bangkok to Chiang Mai, steer clear of the first class cabin situated next to the toilet! Cockroach heaven. But that’s another story, of which we vividly remember and laugh about!

My ideal holiday destination is in the snow. There’s nothing like that rush of adrenaline when skiing down a mountain. I caught the bug in my early teens on a ski trip to France with the school. When we can’t get abroad to ski, we do the next best thing and head over to Milton Keynes and use their indoor slopes.

We enjoy going abroad on holiday but also love day trips in this country. Having two young children can make going abroad expensive. We decided to go on more day trips and mini breaks in the UK instead this year. There is so much to see and do in this country, and it doesn’t have to break the bank. Having children enables us to relive our childhoods. We get to visit attractions that we wouldn’t otherwise think of going to.

I’m looking forward to sharing our little adventures with you.


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